Please send a written note with your child on the day you will be checking him/her out.  Your child should give this note to the teacher he/she has during the period in which he/she is to be checked out.  At the check-out time, your child should gather his/her things and report to the front office where you can sign your student out.  This procedure will protect learning time by eliminating calls into classrooms that interrupt the learning of the entire class.


We do require photo identification and pre-approval on the student information card (clinic card) for all persons checking children out.  This means that if an older sibling, neighbor, or relative is not listed on the student information card as approved to check your child out, we will not release your child to them.  A written note is not sufficient to approve someone walking in to check your child out.  Any additions or deletions that you want to make to the approved persons list must be done in person.  Please understand that this is a security issue and that we have the safety of your student at heart.


Check-outs are not permitted after 3:30 pm

Lanier Middle School appreciates the value of parent and school partnership in ensuring a student’s success, so we encourage our

parents to be a part of our school, meet with teachers, and even visit their students’ classrooms.


Our teachers have many meetings and other conferences during their school day, so if you would like to meet with your student’s teacher(s), please make contact with a counselor or teacher to make an appointment. Upon arriving at the school, please sign in at

the front office to receive a visitor’s badge. Please also sign out upon leaving.


Additionally, if you would like to visit your student’s classroom, please contact one of the assistant principals to set this up in advance. Again, please sign in at the front office and sign out upon leaving. We ask that while you are here, you only visit your student’s classroom(s) and only on the day(s) and time(s) arranged prior to your visit.


Thank you for your partnership with Lanier in helping us educate your student.

Dispensing of Medication

The faculty and staff of Lanier Middle is vitally interested in the health and welfare of all students.  In an effort to dispense needed medications during school hours, it is important that parents/guardians provide medications in original containers with proper documentation.  No medications will be given to students unless provided by parents/guardians.

Medicines – Prescription and Non‐Prescription – Need to be provided in original container along with Medication Administration Plan Form ( See below to download). Students are never to have medication in their possession while attending school.  All medicines, (prescription and non‐prescription) are to be kept in the clinic and administered there.  Students who are in possession of medication are subject to disciplinary action as outlined under Gwinnett County Public Schools Code of Conduct – Rule 7.

Asthma Inhalers – According to State Bill 472, effective 7/1/02, students may possess and self-administer this medication while at school or at a school sponsored activity only after a parent/guardian has completed a STUDENT ASTHMA ACTION PLAN.  A physician will need to complete a portion of this form before the medication is brought to school.  This form can be obtained from the clinic or accessed below. Students will not be called out of class to take their medication.  It is a student’s responsibility to visit the clinic at the prescribed time.


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Lastly, how you submit updates to changes to your or your child's information so we are current with contact and other important information.

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