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Lanier Business Partners

Thank you to the following businesses for your support in helping to make a difference in our student's lives with your generosity!


Suwanee: One 3/4 violin and one 14" viola as well as an electric violin through their charity, Luthiers Without Border Approx. value $2000




Lawrenceville: Five 3/4 violins with bows

Approx. value $1250




Suwanee: Two full size Yamaha acoustic guitars with accessories and stands

Approx. value $500


Lanier Community

The Lanier community is comprised of the cluster schools, the Lanier Education Foundation, the City of Sugar Hill as well as our community and our parents all of whom work to make a difference in the lives of our students.

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6482 Suwanee Dam Road
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

P: 770.945.8419 F: 770.271.5108

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